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2022 5-Star Medicare Advantage Plans

The highest rated health care may be available in your area.

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Switch to a 2022 5 Star Medicare plan today.

How are Medicare Advantage plans rated?

Wait, there are Medicare insurance ratings? Yes! Each year the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) spend time rating Medicare Advantage plans. To do this, CMS assigns star ratings from 1-5 to all the Medicare Advantage and Medicare drug plans available. These ratings for Medicare Advantage plans are based on a careful review of the quality and performance of each plan, and only the best of the best are awarded the 5 star rating.

Enrollment in a 5 star plan is easy.

Checking out Medicare plans with five stars is not as difficult as you may think! If top rated Medicare Advantage plans are available where you live, you are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period. You can switch your coverage to available 5 star Advantage plans at any time once between December 8 and November 30 every year.

Is a 5 star plan available in my area?

Looking for the best Medicare Advantage plans available for you? Want a list of 5-star Medicare Advantage plans for 2022? Give us a call and one of our licensed agents will help you find the most comprehensive coverage near you, including Medicare 5 star plans if available!

Get the best benefits with a 5 star plan.

So what’s the deal with the Medicare Advantage 5 star program? 5 star rating Medicare Advantage plans generally offer more coverage than Original Medicare, including dental, hearing, and vision benefits, and many also include prescription drug coverage. Additionally, they may provide access to higher quality care providers in your area.

CMS assigns star ratings based on feedback from both customers and providers. Only 28 5-star Medicare plans for 2021 were granted, meaning only the best Medicare plans are awarded this title.

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Looking for a high rated Medicare plan?

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Medicare Advantage plan ratings 2021: Which Medicare Advantage plans were awarded a 5 star rating in 2021?

The 5 star Medicare advantage plans 2021 star ratings were published by CMS in October 2020. The list of 5 star Medicare Advantage plans included offerings from Anthem, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, and other popular private health insurers.

Where can I get 5 star Medicare coverage?

5 star plans are available in areas of Texas, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, New York, and additional states. Even if you’re looking for the highest rated Medicare Advantage plans in California, we can help. If you’re interested in exploring coverage options in in your area, or if you’d like to see if a 5 star plan is available for you, please reach out and give us a call. Our licensed agents are happy to help you find a Medicare plan that meets your individual needs.

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