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Category: Medicare Part B: Medical

Does Medicare cover naturopaths, alternative medicine, or holistic medicine?

Natural and alternative medicine can offer relief when traditional treatment fails. But does Medicare cover these services?

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Does Medicare cover dentures?

Does Medicare cover dentures and other essential dental care? Learn what options you have for Medicare dental benefits.

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Does Medicare cover illness overseas?

Many older individuals spend their retirement traveling and exploring the world. But what happens if illness or injury strikes during an overseas trip? Learn how to make sure you have the health insurance coverage you need.

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Does Medicare cover colonoscopy?

Medicare  Part B and Medicare Advantage plans cover colonoscopies and other preventative procedures when certain criteria are met. Read on to discover the coverage requirements and determine what type of Medicare plan is right for you.

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Does Medicare cover a chiropractor visit?

Medicare Part B covers chiropractic services because they fall under preventative care. However, the visits to the chiropractor must be medically necessary.

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