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Category: Medicare Part C: Medicare Advantage

Understanding Medicare Benefits for Cerebral Palsy Treatment

For older adults living with Cerebral Palsy, treatment is a necessity. Learn more about Cerebral Palsy treatments covered by Medicare.

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Does Medicare Cover Allergy Testing, Medications, and Treatment?

Spring flowers are starting to bloom, which means allergy season is upon us. Read on to learn more about Medicare allergy treatment coverage.

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Do I Have Diabetes? What Are Considered Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels?

If you’re asking yourself ‘do I have diabetes?’, you’re not alone. Of the 37.3 million people with diabetes living in the United States, 8.5 million of them are undiagnosed, and nearly half of the older adult population has prediabetes: an asymptomatic condition in which your blood sugar levels are elevated, but not yet high enough…

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Medicare Advantage HouseCalls Program Explained

Medicare Home Health Care probably sounds appealing if you’re homebound or live in a remote area. You may have spotted ads for a Medicare Advantage HouseCalls program, bringing to mind images of old-timey doctors with stethoscopes around their necks and carpet bags full of medical supplies. Unfortunately, getting Medicare house calls isn’t quite as straightforward…

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Crohn’s Disease and Medicare Coverage: What You Need To Know

Crohn's Disease can be debilitating for seniors. Fortunately, Medicare covers a number of treatments and services to help combat the illness.

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What Is the Medicare Open Enrollment Period?

If you’re not satisfied with your coverage, the Medicare Open Enrollment Period is the time to make a change. For a three-month period at the beginning of every year, people enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans may either switch to a different plan, or to switch to Original Medicare and Medicare Part D.

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