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Category: Original Medicare

Does Medicare Cover Weight Management Needs?

Weight management programs can help you effectively combat obesity. If you're a Medicare recipient, your plan may cover these services.

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Does Medicare Cover Mammograms?

Yearly mammograms are a must for women of a certain age. Though they can be expensive, your mammograms may be covered if you have Medicare.

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What is Medicare Assignment?

Original Medicare, Parts A and B, is one of the most widely accepted forms of health insurance in the country. In fact, Medicare providers make up 93 percent of all doctors in the United States. However, just because a provider accepts Medicare, does not mean that they’ll accept all Medicare. How much you pay out…

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Does Medicare Cover Prosthesis?

If you're in need of a prosthetic device, you may be wondering: does Medicare cover prosthesis? The answer is "yes", but there are limits.

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Does Medicare Cover Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair loss treatment can be expensive. If you're dealing with this issue, you may wonder whether hair loss treatment is covered by Medicare.

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Medicare Alzheimer’s Treatment Coverage: What Benefits Are There for Cognitive Decline Patients?

Alzheimer's treatment can be very costly, especially for seniors on fixed incomes. Can Medicare help you cover costs for needed services?

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