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Category: What does Medicare cover?

What does Medicare not cover?

Original Medicare is designed to help seniors pay several necessary healthcare costs, but there are some things that Medicare does not cover.

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What drugs are covered by Medicare Part D?

With a Medicare Part D plan, you may be eligible to receive full or partial coverage for many common prescription medications that are considered to be medically necessary. However, like other insurance plans, you will usually be responsible for meeting plan deductibles and paying premiums, copays, and coinsurance out-of-pocket.

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Does Medicare cover lift chairs?

Medicare will usually cover at least some of the costs for most durable medical equipment, including lift chairs. In order to ensure coverage, a lift chair must be prescribed by your doctor and ordered from a Medicare-approved supplier.

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Does Medicare pay for the shingles shot?

Not every vaccine is covered under Original Medicare. Luckily, there are Medicare options that may provide coverage for the shingles vaccine.

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Does Medicare pay for family caregivers?

Often, the responsibility of becoming a parent can fall to an adult child, leaving many to wonder “does Medicare pay for family caregivers?”

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Does Medicare cover nursing homes?

Unfortunately, Medicare doesn't usually cover long-term nursing home care. However, some nursing home coverage opportunities may still exist under various parts of Medicare.

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