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Medicare Insurance Comparison

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Can I sign up for Medicare online?

Just the essentials...
  • Online signup for Medicare is quick and easy
  • New users can sign up for Medicare online in just a few minutes
  • New and existing users and can sign up online during open enrollment
  • Every eligible user can make changes to coverage during open enrollment

Online signup for Medicare takes a short and worthwhile visit to the Social Security Web page. It involves little more than filling out forms and providing identifying information.

Once done, the government completes the process and issues Medicare cards that will open the doors to insurance-covered medical care.

Comparison shopping will help consumers when considering the private insurance company plans for insurance supplement in Medigap, for overall coverage in Part C, and prescription drugs in Part D.

Comparison shopping can focus on the points of greatest concern to the individual’s need or preferences.

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How to get Medicare Coverage

Medicare enrollment form

Eligibility depends on age and work history. When applying online, the government will quickly determine eligibility. Age 65 is the enabling date for most people.

The Initial Enrollment Period begins three months before the birth month and ends three months after the birth month. The key is to take advantage of the availability of the options and to avoid penalties which cause higher premiums later.

Medicare Part B will cost more when delayed past the first enrollment period. The CMS makes paying premiums easy for those getting Social Security benefits; they can have automatic deductions.

They also provide auto payment options from bank accounts. The below-listed items describe the ways to sign up for Medicare.

  • Mail and paper copies
  • Telephone
  • In-person at Social Security Administration Offices
  • Online at

The Individual Mandate

Health insurance policy beneath magnifying glass next to white piggy bank

Medicare Part A – Hospital Insurance and Medicare Part C –Medicare Advantage meet the requirements of the individual mandate.

Users that signup for either Part A or Part C will avoid the tax penalty; they are qualified health insurance by the standards of the Affordable Care Act. They each provide minimum value and the essential health benefits.

The below-listed descriptions cover the major types of managed care organizations in Medicare Part C- Medicare Advantage.

  • HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization – This type of care grew out of the early pioneers in managed care that emphasized wellness and prevention. Their focus was on offering services to prevent and detect disease in early stages. They named their approach after the health maintenance goal.
  • PPO is the Preferred Provider Organization – It permits the use of network and outside network resources. The preferred provider approach gives the patient the freedom to use resources as they decide with no need for referrals. The system charges more for using outside resources.
  • HMOPOS is a variation on the HMO that adds flexibility – The Health Maintenance Organization with Point of Sale uses a primary care physician to direct the patient’s care. The PCP has authority to make referrals both inside and outside the network. The insurance pays a much lower amount when the PCP refers the patient to outside resources.
  • EPO is the Exclusive Provider Organization – Users can only use network resources. These are often small networks with goals of simple operation and low costs to consumers.
  • PFFS is the Private-Fee-for-Service approach – The organization sets prices and consumer payment shares with providers who accept the private fee arrangements. Users must use network resources.

Original Medicare or Part C

Medicare Part A covers Hospital insurance. Along with Part B medical insurance, it forms Original Medicare. Original Medicare was enacted by the Congress to provide essential medical insurance and services for older Americans. Later, in order to provide more choices and the engage the private insurance companies, Congress passed Medicare Parts C and D.

Part C combined the hospital and medical insurance protections of Original Medicare. It added benefits and set new pricing for many services.

The important first choices for Medicare coverage sometimes involve price and premium decisions. Medicare Advantage plans offer prescription drug insurance coverage to reduce the impact of prices overall and the so-called Donut Hole coverage gap.

Medicare Part A and B


Medicare A and B were the original or first Medicare authorizations; they form a powerful combination of medical and hospital coverage for treating illness and diseases. They are administered by the federal government the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

They work with other parts of the federal government and the state governments such as Medicaid and Social Security Administration.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage comes with or without a prescription drug benefit. Without the Prescription benefit, it reflects the coverage of Original Medicare.

The private plans offer more benefits and sometimes lower prices. In exchange, users may have to give up some freedom of choice in medical service providers and accept network services. Many plans offer freedom to go outside of networks, but for extra consumer paid charges

Special and General Enrollment Periods

A pen and glasses on a Medicare enrollment form

Those who miss the initial enrollment period around the birth month or delay signup for a later time can wait until the next annual enrollment period on January 1 through March 1 of each year. This general enrollment period will allow signup for Part A and Part B.

Those signing late may have to pay a late fee based on the number of months’ lateness. This late fee continues for the life of the coverage.

There is a special enrollment period for those who qualify by losing health coverage after signing up for Part A. Losing health coverage must group health or employer-sponsored and based on current employment.

The Part B Penalty

Applicants that delay taking Part B past the initial enrollment period may face a late enrollment penalty. The government calculates the penalty on the basis if the number of months that pass before signup.

The penalty is 10 percent of the premium for each 12 months’ lateness.

The penalty continued for the life of the Part B coverage and paid on a monthly basis with the premium. Applicants can avoid the Part B penalty by signing up during the initial enrollment period.

Medigap Supplement


Original Medicare provides comprehensive coverage for medical services and hospitalization. It leaves part of many services for the consumer to pay.

These gaps in insurance payment can add up to substantial amounts during an annual insurance cycle. For this type of situation, the Medigap or Medicare Supplement offers relief.

Medigap steps in to pay some or all of the unpaid balance left after Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B cover an expense. The Medigap private insurance companies must offer the insurance to everyone during an open enrollment. Outside of open enrollment that can use medical underwriting to deny or discriminate in pricing and coverage.

Signing Up for Medicare Online is Quick and Convenient

Medicare is an important protection for older Americans. It promises to cover severe illness and hospitalization. Medicare cannot help anyone until they sign-up and choose the types of coverage they think is best for them.

Medicare Advantage is the private insurance solution, and it offers a wide variety of managed care, premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Some applicants must decide whether low cost or freedom to choose providers is more important to their situation. Comparison shopping is an excellent tool for deciding among the private plans available in Medicare Supplement- Medigap, Medicare Part D –Prescription Drugs, and Medicare Part C– Medicare Advantage.

Weigh all your options with free Medicare Advantage quotes today. Just enter your zip below to shop and save!

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