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Can I apply for Medicare online?

Can I apply for Medicare Online?

Just the essentials...

  • Applicants for Medicare can apply in person, by mail, by telephone, and online

  • The online application is the easiest and fastest way to apply for Medicare

  • Applying for Medicare online takes about ten minutes and requires a few documents

  • Applicants should apply when initially eligible

  • Applicants can apply after the initial signup during an enrollment period

An online application for social security takes only a few minutes. One can do it whether ready to start retirement income or not. It is a feature of the modern world that many time-consuming tasks can be done in minutes digitally and online.

Social Security and Medicare are vitally important to older Americans. For many citizens, it represents their primary retirement income and affordable healthcare.

One can choose Original Medicare with its one size fits all approach. One can use Medicare Part C and D to get a more customized approach to healthcare.

When choosing among the private insurance plans in Medicare Part C, comparison shopping can make the task more productive and successful.

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Applying for Medicare Online

Can I apply for Medicare online?

To apply online, applicants must go to the social security web site. The Social Security Administration is not part of Medicare.

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare administer Medicare program. Social Security is the host for the intake or signup for Medicare.

Once at the Social Security Web page, a person has to open an account. The account opens a menu of things one can do, and among them is to apply for Medicare only.

One applies for Medicare simply by filling out the online form, checking for accuracy and submitting the completed form.

The Medicare Choices

Can I apply for Medicare online?

Applying for Medicare online is a simple and easy task. Deciding which benefits to pursue and which are right for a given situation is not so easy. There are some important choices that one should make at initial signup. In terms of Medicare alone, one must choose Original Medicare or the private plans available in Medicare Part C.

This is a choice between Original Medicare, a government run program, and Medicaid Advantage, a group of private plans. If selecting Original Medicare, then one should also consider Medigap insurance and prescription benefits in Medicare Part D.

Advantages of the Initial Signup Period

Can I apply for Medicare online? - Medicare Enrollment Form

The initial signup period is the ideal time to study and select the best combination of Medicare programs for the individual or family situation. The initial signup period avoids fines, late fees, and restrictions that can come at later times. The initial signup is best for Medigap insurance, Part B Medical Insurance, and Part D Prescription Drug benefits.

In these cases, later sign-ups involve late fees which continue for the life of the benefit. For example, if one does not sign for medical insurance in Medicare Part B at the initial sign-up, one will pay a late fee for the balance of the time one has the benefit.

The formula for the late fee resolves to a fixed amount per month based on the number of months late; it is an avoidable charge with timely action to select this valuable benefit. The below-listed items are advantages to initial enrollment period.

  • No medical underwriting by Medigap providers during the initial enrollment period Issuers in the state of residence must accept applicants with no price discrimination and without regard to medical conditions and risks.
  • Avoid a late fee for Medicare Part B Medical Insurance.
  • Avoid costly waiting period in Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Insurance.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Can I apply for Medicare online? - Open Enrollment

The open enrollment for those with Medicare runs from October 15 through the following December 7. For coverage that begins on January 1, 2017, the open enrollment period for Medicare runs from October 15, 2016, through December 7, 2016.

The initial enrollment period varies by birth date and age. It is the seven-month period surrounding the 65th birthday. It runs from three months before the 65th birthday month and three months after. The below listed items describe the methods for applying for Medicare.

  • Online.
  • In person at Social Security Offices.
  • By Mail.
  • By Telephone.

The Medigap Insurance Benefit

Can I apply for Medicare online?

Medigap is a valuable private company service that goes with Original Medicare. It is insurance that fills the holes in payment coverage in Medicare that leaves co-pays, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket expenses totally on the consumer. Medigap is private insurance and subscribers pay the premium directly to the provider.

Medigap is an individual coverage product, and a spouse would have to buy a separate policy. Some Medigap policies cover foreign travel; depending on the policy, they may cover dental and vision benefits. Comparison shopping is an excellent tool for selecting a Medigap policy. A shopper can focus on the aspects of the coverage that are most important to his or her situation.

Medigap Medical Issues

Applicants must have Medicare A and B to qualify for Medigap insurance. They can buy it from any company licensed to sell in a given state. Applicants outside of the open enrollment period may be subject to medical underwriting by the sellers. Underwriting can leave them free to charge more or to deny coverage completely.

During the initial and later open enrollment periods, Medigap insurers cannot discriminate against applicants for medical reasons and must accept applicants at the same price.

Once issued, Medigap sellers cannot cancel the policy or deny renewal as long as the customer pays the premiums.

Medicare Part D Completes the Coverage

Prescription drugs can be a vital part of medical care and treatment. It can also build to a significant amount of payments for Medicare users. Discounts on prescription drugs and insurance coverage help reduce the impact. Medicare Part D and the similar coverage as options in Part C as Medicare Advantage MA-PD plans.

The initial enrollment period is the best time to select this option. The Annual open enrollment from October 15 through December 7 is the other opportunity to add Part D.

Choices with Lasting Consequences

Can I apply for Medicare online?

Choosing the coverage is important and requires an assessment of needs and preferences for medical care. Original Medicare offers freedom to choose medical care providers. Medicare Advantage health plans put more resources at the user’s convenience but restrict choices to network resources or charges more for going outside.

The management forms matter for costs also. PPO plans may put more expenses on users particularly those that choose to go outside of the network for specialists.

Finding the Right Combination of Benefits

The federal government operates the Original Medicare, and members can select the doctors and hospitals they wish to use. Private companies provide plans for Medicare Part C. The Medicare Advantage plans offer comprehensive medical insurance coverage.They have options for prescription drug insurance.

Comparison shopping will be helpful when considering the best approach to Medicare.

Comparison shopping will help consumers find the best fit among the Medicare Advantage offers. They can compare those with prescription drug benefits and coverage in the “donut hole.”

Insightful shoppers use comparison shopping to choose among HMO, PPO, HMOPOS, and PFFS managed plans; they get the most flexible and cost-effective medical care package for their needs and preferences.

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