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Can You Change Medicare Advantage Plans if You Move?

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Just the Essentials…

  • While Original Medicare will always travel with you, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans are dependent on location. For this reason, you will need to enroll in a new plan if you move to a new area.

  • Moving to a new location will usually qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period, which gives you the ability to change your Medicare Advantage plan without penalty.

  • At MedicareInsurance.com, our experienced, licensed insurance agents can help you research and compare plans in your new living area today. Give us a call to get started!

Can I keep my Medicare coverage in a new location?

In this unpredictable world, one thing is for certain: life happens. No matter what age you are, there is always some possibility that you will want to relocate. Perhaps you want to be closer to family as you age, or you’d just prefer a more accommodating climate.

No matter the reason, if you are moving, you’ll want to make sure you have access to the proper Medicare health insurance you require. While some parts of Medicare do travel with you wherever you roam, there are other parts that are location-specific. Let’s take a deeper look at each part of Medicare and what you should do in the event that you decide to relocate.

Original Medicare (Parts A and B)

Due to its status as a federally-regulated health insurance program, the benefits of Original Medicare Parts A and B are mostly the same wherever you live. Usually, no matter where you are in the country, Original Medicare will cover hospital and necessary surgery needs as well as basic Medicare needs in the same way across the board.

Medicare Advantage (Part C)

Things are a little bit trickier when it comes to Medicare Advantage and moving. Medicare Advantage plans are also regulated, but individual insurance companies typically issue individual plans, meaning the benefits you receive and the prices you will be asked to pay can vary substantially by plan.

In addition, Medicare Advantage plans and their healthcare networks are dependent on location. This means that if you are planning on moving to a new residence in a different area, you will likely need to enroll in an entirely new Medicare Advantage plan.

Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)

Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage and moving has a lot in common with Medicare Advantage and moving in that there are also geographic boundaries to consider. In the event that you move to a new city that is still within your plan’s network, you may have the opportunity to keep your plan.

Most of the time, however, moving to an entirely new area will require you to enroll in a different plan or make changes to your existing one. If you move to a city that is outside of your plan’s network, having to enroll in a new plan is practically unavoidable.

The good news, however, is that moving your permanent residence can provide a great opportunity for you to take a more in-depth look at more comprehensive Medicare Advantage plans that can often offer better pricing and benefits.

When can you switch Medicare Advantage plans?

Due to its status as a government-regulated health insurance program, there are specific times throughout the calendar year during which you can make changes to your existing Medicare coverage or enroll in a new plan.

That said, certain life circumstances, such as moving to a new area, will usually qualify you for what is known as a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), which will allow you to explore and enroll in a new Medicare Advantage plan outside of predetermined time frames.

In this situation, when your SEP begins depends on when you notify your provider of your move. Notifying them beforehand will launch your SEP the month before the move and will last up to two full months after the move is completed. If you notify your provider after your move, your SEP will begin the month during which you notify them and will last for up to two full months thereafter.

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How can I get the Medicare Advantage coverage I need in my new area of residence?

The first step in making changes to your Medicare Advantage plan as a result of a move is to determine what plan options will be available to you in your new area of residence. You can start researching and comparing plan benefits, pricing, and networks today when you contact the licensed insurance agents at MedicareInsurance.com by phone at (800) 950-0608.

If you need more information concerning your eligibility for Medicare coverage in your new area, our friendly insurance experts are more than willing to help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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