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Medicare Insurance Comparison

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Where to File Medicare Claims

Who normally files a claim? Typically, your Medicare claims should be sent directly from your provider to Medicare. Your provider will then be paid a reimbursement rate according to the program’s regulations and legislation. Your medical provider is required by law to submit these claims so it is typically not your individual responsibility. Enter your […]

Where do I apply for my Medicare benefits?

Many people are eligible for Medicare Part A and B automatically. If you are already receiving benefits from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board, you will most likely start receiving both Medicare A and B starting the first day of the month that you turn 65. If your birthday is on the first day […]

How to Check Medicare Eligibility Online for Free

The best way to check eligibility for Medicare online for free is to use the Social Security or Medicare websites. They are portals for signing up for Medicare, and they offer free information about eligibility. Medicare is not part of Social Security, but getting Social Security benefits is one way to become eligible for Medicare. […]

What age can I get Medicare Part A?

The website provides information and access to the online sign-up portals. Age is one of the ways to get Medicare but not the only requirement. The basic eligibility today is at age 65. That is the beginning, and the other parts are just as important to getting Medicare coverage. One must know whether the […]

When is open enrollment for Medicare Part B?

There are several periods in which qualified individuals can sign up for Medicare Part B Medical Insurance. The earliest occurs when one is nearly at the 65th birthday. Disabled persons can get Part B at any age for ALS and end-stage kidney disease. Persons receiving RRB benefits or Social Security can get Medicare after 24 […]

What does open enrollment for Medicare mean?

Medicare is a comprehensive system of health insurance and medical care for older Americans. It has an annual open enrollment period in October of each year that is the ideal time to get coverage, change coverage, and compare plans. Comparison shopping is the ideal method for finding the best health plans in Medicare Advantage, Medicare […]

How do I find a doctor that takes Medicare?

If you’ve shopped for health care lately, you know there are many options on the market. Years ago, when you choose Medicare, it was a simple choice. Today, there are many different Medicare options on the market. Choosing the right program will grant you access to covered physicians and hospitals. It also reduces your out-of-pocket […]

How do you check out your Medicare coverage?

The name of the plan in which one enrolls is on the Medicare ID card sent to each member. Medicare Advantage Plans send an additional ID card with plan information and contact numbers. Checking these facts to be certain of coverage is an excellent idea. Medicare makes it easy for most people to confirm their […]

How is Medicare funded?

The federal government serves as the trustee of the funds and the executor who sees that the correct funds go to the correct program. The answer to the question is relatively simple, but when studying how Medicare is funded, it becomes obvious that the funding is paid by the people like any other government-run program. […]

How is Medicare administered?

Medicare is a combination of government-run programs and private insurance. The primary agency responsible for operating the entire Medicare System is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) of the Department of Health and Human Services. The private insurance programs include health insurance, prescription drugs, and Medigap insurance. Comparison shopping is an excellent method for […]

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