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Does Medicare cover glasses and contacts?

Just the Essentials..

  • Traditional Medicare generally does not cover the costs of glasses or contact lenses, nor does it cover eye exams for glasses and contact lenses.

  • If you’re interested in increased vision coverage, you may wish to consider a Medicare Advantage plan, many of which include additional benefits.

What is a Medicare Advantage plan, and how can you make sure you get the coverage you need? If you want to learn more about finding a plan that offers coverage for glasses or contacts, call (800) 950-0608 to speak with one of our available agents or get a free quote online.

Seniors rely on glasses.

For many seniors, eyeglasses play an essential role in quality of life. Whether you’ve worn glasses or contacts for years or have gradually developed vision loss as a result of getting older, these corrective devices help you continue to read, drive, and perform other tasks that are necessary for maintaining a healthy, independent lifestyle.

Aging commonly affects the eyes in several ways, some of them unavoidable. Regular eye exams with an optometrist ensure your prescription for glasses or contacts stays up-to-date and your ability to see remains unaffected.

Does Medicare cover glasses?

A recent study by the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center found that an overwhelming majority of seniors enrolled in Medicare use glasses. “Will Medicare pay for my glasses?” is naturally a frequent question.

Unfortunately, Original Medicare generally does not cover any costs related to corrective lenses like glasses or contacts. Medicare enrollees must cover 100% of the costs for glasses or contacts – including the eye exams needed for proper diagnosis and prescription.

However, you do have other options if you are seeking more comprehensive vision coverage from Medicare. Medicare Part C – or Medicare Advantage – plans offer the same coverage as Original Medicare often with additional benefits, like coverage for corrective lenses, included as well.

What is Medicare Advantage? If you wear glasses and have questions about finding a plan that meets your needs, give us a call at (800) 950-0608 today to speak with a licensed agent.

Do I need coverage for glasses or contacts through Medicare Advantage?

  • I currently wear glasses or contacts:
    If you already have a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses and you’re about to turn 65, you’re likely concerned about the fact that traditional Medicare does not offer any coverage for these essential devices. Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan with vision benefits can help put your mind at ease.
  • I do not wear glasses or contacts:
    For those with 20/20 vision, the coverage provided by Original Medicare seems like more than enough. However, some seniors worry about deteriorating vision or degenerative eye disease, which often develop with age. If you’re concerned about maintaining eye health and monitoring vision, enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan with vision coverage might be the right choice for you.
  • I wear glasses or contacts, but I’m already enrolled in Medicare Part B:
    If you are already enrolled in Medicare Part B and find yourself paying for your own glasses or contacts out of pocket, switching to a Medicare Advantage plan is still possible. You may need to wait for the annual enrollment period but can start browsing plans at any time.

Are there other benefits to Medicare Advantage besides coverage for glasses?

There are plenty of choices when it comes to Medicare Part C, and seniors who opt to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan should carefully review their options to get the best possible coverage for their individual needs. Medicare Advantage plans can include many benefits beyond traditional Medicare, not just coverage for corrective lenses. Your ideal Medicare Advantage plan may include hearing coverage, dental coverage, at-home meal delivery, or other benefits.

If you need help choosing the Medicare option that’s right for you, dial (800) 950-0608 to speak to one of our licensed agents. We’re happy to help make sure you understand your options!

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