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Does Medicare Cover Meal Delivery Services?

Just the Essentials

  • Medicare Parts A and B aka Original Medicare does not typically cover meal delivery services.

  • However, there are Medicare Advantage plans available that provide this important benefit.

Do you need coverage for meal delivery service? Call (800) 950-0608 to speak with a licensed agent. We’ll help you find a Medicare Advantage plan that best fits your lifestyle. Or, enter your zip code and compare plans online.

How can I ensure my Medicare plan covers meal delivery and other similar services?

While Medicare Part B does not typically cover at-home meal delivery services, with Medicare Advantage (or Medicare Part C), it is possible to get coverage for this often vital service.

Medicare Advantage plans are health insurance plans that meet or exceed Original Medicare benefits, purchased through a private-sector health insurer. They often offer more coverage than you would receive through Medicare Parts A and B alone, including coverage for meal delivery.

Some additional benefits of a Medicare Advantage plan may include:

  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care
  • Hearing Care
  • Over-the-counter Medication Allowance

Please keep in mind, there are often certain circumstances that must be met before you are qualified for meal delivery when enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, and some plans only allow for a maximum number of deliveries per a set period of time.  Before you choose a plan, it’s important to be sure it will provide the coverage you need when you need it.

Why is meal delivery something I should consider including in my health insurance plan?

An adequate diet of 2,000 calories a day is recommended for the average senior. It is important for older adults to eat a variety healthy foods regularly and consistently to maintain vital bodily functions and to keep systems operating at the highest level possible, especially as they age.

However, as we become elderly, everyday tasks can start to seem daunting. You may feel that you get tired easily, or that you need more time to relax and recuperate between chores. If you’re expending more energy to complete routine tasks, that means you’ll have less energy available to do other things you love, like spending active time with loved ones or friends.

Using a reliable meal delivery service, even if only for a few meals a week, is an option many older seniors explore. When a portion of your weekly meals are taken care of by a delivery service, all the time and energy spent to prepare a recipe/grocery list, go to and from the store, put away your food, and prepare your meals can be conserved and channeled into other important home, health, recreational, and/or social activities.

Additionally, many seniors eventually develop mobility issues or other health problems that make it challenging to get to the store and shop for groceries, or they may have difficulty moving around the kitchen or operating cooking appliances. These individuals rely on meal delivery services because they physically can’t keep up with this daily task on their own.

You might also need meal delivery services on a short-term basis, if recovering from illness or injury.

To find a plan that covers meal delivery, give us a call or browse options online today. We’d be happy to show you Medicare Advantage options in your area.

Meal delivery is a common need.

Some seniors may be reluctant to explore meal delivery services as an option because they want to maintain as much independence as they can, but the truth of the matter is, meal delivery is an incredibly common need amongst the older population.

Meals on Wheels America, a national organization that provides food delivery services to low-income seniors throughout the country, reports that the average life expectancy is now 79 years old, and that number is consistently increasing. As the elderly population get bigger and bigger, so does the need for meal delivery services. Many seniors will eventually experience an illness or injury that decreases their mobility, or simply reach an age where shopping for and preparing their own meals becomes difficult, and meal delivery services can actually help those individuals maintain their lifestyle at home.

If you want to ensure you’re covered for meal delivery by your health insurance plan, consider Medicare Advantage. Browse plans by entering your zip code below, or give us a call at (800) 950-0608 today!

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