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Learn About Medicare Advantage in Benton, AR.

Research and compare Medicare plans near Benton with our free plan finder.


Discover Affordable Medicare Advantage Plans in Benton, AR

Comprehensive Medicare Plans are Available in the Benton, AR Area

There are plenty of good reasons to spend your golden years in Benton, AR. The lovely town offers plenty for seniors to do, and there’s no shortage of quality healthcare available in the area. If you’re already a Medicare beneficiary, you’ll have little issue getting quality hospital and medical services covered in the Benton, AR area.

For those of you currently enrolled in Original Medicare, you know that the plan, comprising Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Medicare Part B (medical insurance), provides great coverage for most medical services and treatments. Unfortunately, it may not cover some of the most crucial services you’ll likely need as a senior. For example, Original Medicare does not cover dental, vision, or hearing care. 

So, here’s the question: how can you find coverage for these services without having to pay a lot out-of-pocket? Your answer may lie in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, provides the same coverage as Original Medicare. In many cases, though, it provides coverage for medical treatments and services that Original Medicare does not. Medicare Advantage alone won’t cover everything you need, so to that end, Prescription Drug coverage (Medicare Part D) and supplemental plans (Medigap) are available to help you cover what Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans may not, such as prescription medications and coinsurance.

How can you find Medicare plans near Benton, AR? It’s as easy as using our free plan finder to search for plans near you. Just enter your zip code, and you’ll be researching and comparing Medicare plans near Benton in no time.

  • Medicare Advantage plans can deliver coverage and benefits not available through Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B).
  • Vision, dental, and hearing care may be covered through a local Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Give our licensed agents a call today at (800) 950-0608 to learn more about Medicare Advantage plans in Benton, AR!
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Got Questions?

Our licensed insurance agents can help you find a Medicare plan that’s right for you.

What Kind of Coverage Can Medicare Advantage Provide?

You’re probably wondering how Medicare Advantage plans can provide more coverage than Original Medicare. The key is in the private insurance status of the Medicare Advantage plan. Original Medicare is offered solely through the federal government, and therefore is limited in what it can provide as far as coverage or benefits are concerned.

While Medicare Advantage plans are overseen by the federal government, they are not government-provided or controlled. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private health insurance providers who provide extra medical coverage or benefits not offered by Original Medicare.

There are limits, however, to the coverage that Medicare Advantage plans can provide. Depending on where you live or the company offering your plan, you may not receive the same coverage or benefits offered by Medicare plans outside of the Benton, AR area.

With that said, you may find the following coverage provided through Medicare Advantage plans:

  • Vision, dental, and hearing care
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Allowances provided for healthy groceries
  • Allowances provided for OTC medications
  • Allowances provided for meal delivery

Before choosing a Medicare plan, it’s important to review all options available near you to find one that meets your particular needs. Use our free plan finder to get started, or speak with one of our licensed insurance agents to learn more about your options.

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Can I Enroll in Medicare Today?

The Medicare enrollment process is not a rolling time period that lasts all year round. You have three enrollment periods during which you can sign up for a Medicare plan or change your current coverage.

The first time period during which you can enroll in a Medicare plan is your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). Individual IEPs last for seven months, and when they begin depends on how you become Medicare eligible. If you’re becoming eligible as a result of age, for instance, your IEP begins three months before your 65th birthday. It then runs through your birthday month, and ends three months after you turn 65.

If you missed your IEP, you can enroll in a Medicare plan during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). AEP begins and ends during the same time each year, starting on October 15 and ending on December 7. You can also make changes to your existing coverage during this time.

Looking for a new plan? Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period (OEP) allows you to upgrade your coverage. Like AEP, OEP takes place during a fixed time period each year, from January 1 through March 31.

Sometimes, life keeps you from enrolling in a Medicare plan during any of the time periods listed above. If you experienced a qualifying life event, such as relocation or illness, that kept you from enrolling in a Medicare plan during your IEP, or from enrolling or switching coverage during AEP or OEP, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). SEPs may also open up if a 5-Star Medicare Advantage plan suddenly becomes available near you.

Want to learn more about enrollment periods or 5-Star Medicare Advantage plans? Give us a call today!

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Browsing Medicare Plans Near You is Easier Than Ever.

Use our free plan finder to compare Medicare plans near Benton, AR.

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Benton Relies On Us to Learn More About Medicare Advantage

Medicare can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Our friendly licensed agents can help demystify the process of enrolling in a new Medicare plan for those of you who are just getting started on your journey. Regardless of whether you’re seeking a complete Medicare Advantage plan or just supplemental insurance, we’re here for you.

Don’t delay – call (800) 950-0608 today to connect with a live licensed insurance agent! If you’re not ready to call, give our free plan finder a try. Either way, we can help!

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