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Medicare Advantage in Fayetteville, AR

Check out Medicare Advantage plans in your area.


Find Comprehensive Medicare Advantage Plans in Fayetteville, AR

Seeking More Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage in the Fayetteville Area?

It’s easy to stay active and health conscious in Fayetteville, with its bike friendly infrastructure and plenty of parks and recreational activities. Still, no amount of pickleball can keep you healthy on its own: for that, you need a good healthcare plan. One that doesn’t just cover the basics, but provides comprehensive coverage for your needs, big or small. A Medicare Advantage plan can help provide that coverage, stepping up in places where Original Medicare Parts A and B doesn’t.

Medicare plans available near the Fayetteville, AR area can cover medical expenses Original Medicare doesn’t, like dental care, vision tests, and hearing aids. They can also offer benefits you wouldn’t expect, like meal delivery or access to gyms nationwide. However, not all plans are created equal: that’s why it’s important to compare your Medicare options. It might seem complicated finding a plan that meets all your medical needs, but you might have more options available than you think.

That’s where we can help. At MedicareInsurance.com, Medicare is all we do. We can help you find a plan that fits your unique needs. Our licensed insurance agents can help you sort through all your options, including Medicare Advantage, Part D Prescription Drug Coverage, or Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans. Give our licensed insurance agents a call at (800) 950-0608 to begin your search today!

  • Original Medicare can cover many of your most basic medical needs, but it won’t cover everything.
  • Medicare Advantage can cover you in areas where Original Medicare doesn’t.
  • There are a variety of Medicare plans near Fayetteville, AR that can meet your needs. Our licensed insurance agents can help you find them.
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Finding a plan that fits your needs can be tough, but our licensed agents can help.

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Medicare Options Near Fayetteville, AR

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by many of the same private insurance companies you’re already familiar with, as well as regional providers. As a government subsidized private insurance program, while all Medicare Advantage plans offer the same benefits found in Original Medicare, but can also come with unique perks that vary from plan to plan. Some benefits you might find in Medicare Advantage plans include, but are not limited to:

  • Eye exams and glasses.
  • Dental coverage, including cleanings.
  • Hearing Aids
  • Meal Delivery
  • Grocery and OTC Benefits
  • Transportation to and from appointments

Curious what perks are available in Medicare Plans near Fayetteville, AR? Our free comparison tool can help you compare plans side by side, helping you make an informed decision. All you need to start searching is a zip code. There’s no obligation, no pressure: just the information you need.

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Checking Your Eligibility

Even if you’re ready to make the switch to Medicare Advantage, there are still eligibility requirements you need to meet before you can enroll. Medicare has several enrollment periods that individuals need to be aware of to enroll in or make changes to their coverage.

The Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is a seven-month period that begins three months before the month of an individual’s 65th birthday and ends three months after their birthday.

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) takes place from October 15 to December 7 each year, during which beneficiaries can make changes to their Medicare coverage for the following year. 

The Open Enrollment Period (OEP) runs from January to March 31, during which individuals can make changes to their Medicare Advantage plan or switch to Original Medicare. 

Lastly, the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) allows individuals to make changes to their Medicare coverage outside of the regular enrollment periods due to certain life events, such as moving, losing employer-sponsored coverage, qualifying for Medicaid, or a Five Star rated plan becoming available.

Five Star plans offer some of the highest rated coverage Medicare has to offer, and are vetted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid themselves. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (800) 950-0608 today.

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No phone call? No Problem!

Our free comparison tool can help you compare Medicare plans near Fayetteville, AR without needing to pick up the phone. Enter your zip code to start comparing plans today.

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Stay Healthy in Fayetteville with Medicare Advantage

From preventive care to no-cost fitness programs, a Medicare Advantage can help keep you fit and active well into retirement, but only if you can enroll and take advantage of their benefits!

At MedicareInsurance.com, our mission is to take the mess out of Medicare and help people take full advantage of the healthcare tools available to them. That’s why we provide a free comparison tool, an extensive FAQ, and tips on how to use your plan to bolster your quality of life. If you’re ready to start your search, give us a call, try our free comparison tool, or drop us an email. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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