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How Do I Update My Address For Medicare?

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Just the Essentials...

  • You can change your address for Medicare using a service called my Social Security, found on Social Security’s website.

  • Instead, you can call the Social Security Administration or visit your local SSA office to update your address.

  • If any of your information is printed incorrectly on your Medicare card, you can request Social Security to mail you a replacement Medicare card.

  • By law, Medicare must protect your privacy. You have the right to know exactly how they use your information, including your address, and who they give that information to.

How do I update my address for Medicare?

How do I change or update my address with Medicare?

Overall, the quickest way to update your address for Medicare is online with the Social Security website. You can use it even if you do not receive Social Security benefits.

Although Medicare and Social Security are not the same entity, Social Security handles updates to your address for Medicare.

The Social Security Administration also handles:

Once you arrive at the Social Security website’s main page, ssa.gov, choose the option for “Sign In/Up”. Usually, this can be found in the upper right of the screen.

From there, the site directs you to a few options, including a service called my Social Security.

To change your address online, you will need to create a my Social Security account.

This free online government account also proves helpful to get your Medicare number or replace a Medicare card.

You can even choose a later date for your change of address to take place. This can be convenient if you are not moving right away but would like to get your affairs in order ahead of time.

Although the online service is the fastest method, you still have other options to update your address with Medicare.


How do I update my address for Medicare?

What if information is printed incorrectly on my Medicare card?

If your address or any other information was printed incorrectly on your Medicare card, or if it was lost or stolen, you can you use the same online my Social Security account. Otherwise, you can instead call the Social Security Administration, or visit its office near you.

You can find the location of your local office online by using the Social Security Office Locator here.

There is no cost to replace your Medicare card, although it may take around 30 days for a newly printed Medicare card to arrive.

Of course, you are still eligible to see your medical provider and receive Medicare coverage during this time you wait for your replacement card.

The information needed to verify your Medicare coverage with your doctor’s office can also be found using your my Social Security account.

If you cannot use the online service or do not want to, give the Social Security office a call. Otherwise, visit your local Social Security office so that their representatives can help you.

Medicare Privacy Practices

How do I update my address for Medicare?

It is also important to be aware of how Medicare uses your information, including your address, and how they disclose it to others.

Medicare can give only out your personal and medical information when required by law. Specifically, they can give it to you, and to Medicare carriers to assist in payment of health services. They can also give your information out to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, if necessary.

Medicare may also give out your information in rare legal circumstances such as judicial proceedings or for public health reporting reasons, such as the event of a public health crisis.

When to Contact Medicare

Although you would contact Social Security to update your address, replace a Medicare card or check monthly income benefits, some situations call for contact with Medicare.

If you use Original Medicare and have questions about billing or claims, log into MyMedicare.gov or call 1-800-MEDICARE.

The mailing address you may need to send documentation to is also available on the Medicare website.

On the other hand, if you use a Medicare health plan like Medicare Advantage, Medigap, or a Part D prescription policy, then you may want to contact the private carrier that handles your plan coverage.

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