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Medicare Insurance Comparison

Not sure which Medicare plan works for you? Use our easy tool to shop, compare, and enroll in plans from popular carriers.


How Do I Find a Doctor That Takes Medicare?

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Just the Essentials...

  • You can use our free online quoting tool to find out if your doctor accepts Medicare.

  • Alternatively, Medicare’s official website offers a physician comparison tool at no cost.

  • You should always verify your coverage before making an appointment with a healthcare provider.

How do I find a doctor that takes Medicare?

Many doctors accept Medicare’s nationwide network, but if you have a Medicare health plan, then a local network typically applies. In other words, not all Medicare doctors accept all Medicare health plans.

Although a doctor or staff may check benefits or file claims, you as the patient must verify coverage before getting health services.

Without first making sure Medicare covers your provider, large medical bills can result.

For Original Medicare’s network, use the physician compare tool on Medicare’s official website. To find your doctor in Medicare Advantage networks, we have the tool for the job.

Many of us have doctors we stand by, so using our helpful tool narrows down plans using the doctors you prefer to see.

Determining whether your preferred health care providers accept your plan is crucial when shopping for health insurance.

To find out if your preferred doctor accepts your chosen Medicare plan, or even browse plans by doctor, you can use our free online shopping tool. Just enter your zip code to get started.

How to Search for a Plan by Doctor

How do I find a doctor that takes Medicare?

If you’ve shopped for health insurance lately, you know there are many options on the market. Years ago, when you chose Medicare, it was a simple choice. Today, there are many different Medicare plans available.

When you visit our quoting tool, you ‘ll find a list of Medicare Advantage plans available in your area that you can narrow down with your own preferences.

First, enter your zip so that the plans you see are relevant to where you live.

Next, if you’d like to specifically search for plans that are accepted by your doctor, click the “Add doctors” button in the “About You” section above. On desktop, the “Add Doctors” button appears all the way to the right.

You’ll be able to search for your doctor by clicking one of the suggested cities or towns near you, or you can type a location or even search your entire zip code.

From there, you’ll be able to enter your doctor’s last name.

Search for a Specific Provider

illustration of doctor search function on medicareinsurance.com

Once you have specified your location, you can search for your doctor by name.

In a few easy steps you will:

  1. Type your doctor’s last name in.
  2. Find and select your doctor from the list of names that generates. Then, hit Continue.
  3. Choose the address of the office location you use, or one nearby.
  4. Choose the “Select” option to add that doctor to your custom list.

With that, you have begun a custom quote. If you add at least one preferred provider, only Medicare plans accepted by your doctor will display.

In most cases, enrollment applications for Medicare health plans require a Primary Care Physician (PCP).

With our quoting tool, you can even save your progress to return to it at a later time.

Make a Short List

How do I find a doctor that takes Medicare?

Our tool lets you add multiple doctors to your list, as well as prescribed drugs and even preferred pharmacies for truly custom quoting.

While our online tool is updated every year, bear in mind that during the year, individual physicians may become unavailable for varying reasons. For example, some listed physicians may relocate or retire.

With that in mind, to ensure the success of your search for a Medicare plan, make a short list of three or four doctors before selecting your plan. Among these, be sure that one doctor can serve as a Primary Care, or family doctor.

Once you have used our tool to find plans accepted by the providers on your list, you can call their facility to make sure before setting any appointments.

When you contact a physician’s office by phone, you will want to ask a few questions. Below are examples of helpful questions to ask.

  • Is the physician accepting new Medicare patients?
  • Do any providers at this location serve as a Primary Care Physician or specialist?
  • Are there other facilities in the area where I can see this provider?

By knowing who and where your providers are, you can more easily find the plan suited to your unique situation.

Enter your zip below to start a custom quote using the doctors you prefer to see. If you don’t want to find a plan by yourself, then give us a call to get live assistance from our licensed specialists.


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