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3 Ways Medicare Can Help You Achieve Your 2023 New Year’s Resolutions


Posted on January 27, 2023 by Austin Lang

How are those New Year's resolution ideas going?

January is almost over the finish line, so how’s that resolution list going? If you’ve kept up this long, congratulations. If not, and procrastination has begun to set in, no worries! New year’s resolution ideas are arbitrary, and there are no deadlines for self-improvement. However, there are ways a Medicare Advantage plan can help you achieve your resolutions this year. If your mantra is ‘new year new me’, here are three ways Medicare can help you achieve your New Year resolutions.

New Year New Me: SilverSneakers can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Group of smiling seniors lifting light weights.

One of the best New Year’s resolutions for people with disabilities and senior citizens alike is starting a new fitness program. This doesn’t need to be related to losing weight: exercise is key to preventing falls, preserving independence, and promoting health.

Select Medicare Advantage plans include SilverSneakers, a fitness plan that includes in-person and remote classes, and access to gyms nationwide. These classes cover all levels of fitness, from basic fall prevention drills to more intense strength and endurance training. 

You can attend classes through their app, either with a live trainer or through their on-demand service. You can also go to one of the many participating locations to take part in a class, connecting with other senior citizens. The social aspect can’t be underestimated: friends can help with accountability and motivation, making it much more likely that you’ll stick with your routine.

SilverSneakers also includes access to all the amenities and equipment your gym offers, including swimming pools, saunas, and running tracks. This, combined with zero-obligation admission, is a great way to build up inertia. Go to the gym for a casual swim or to relax in the sauna, get to know people, and make actually going a part of your routine. You’ll be working out before you know it.

New Year's Resolutions for Seniors: The Medicare grocery benefit can help you maintain a healthy diet.

Young woman delivering box of groceries (including fruit, vegetable oil, and cereal) to senior woman.

If your Medicare Advantage plan offers a grocery benefit, you can use it to help supplement a healthy diet. These grocery cards can be used to purchase pantry staples and healthy foods. In conjunction with a dietitian and your primary care physician’s advice, you can develop a healthy diet plan tailored to your needs. Many grocery health benefits also include delivery services, making healthy foods accessible to people otherwise unable to go to the store. If your plan offers this benefit, it’s definitely worth checking out what options are available. It’s also important to use your entire benefit each month: many plans don’t allow your benefit to roll over from month to month, so you’ll be leaving money on the table otherwise. 

As discussed in our Medicare Diet series (which also includes healthy dinner recipes!), it’s essential to focus on making sustainable changes rather than disrupting your routine. Good New Year resolutions involve incremental, sustainable change you can carry through the new year and beyond. Don’t deny yourself, but don’t give in and overindulge either. Moderation and momentum are the keys!

Pay attention to your mental health.

Senior couple undergoing therapy as therapist takes notes on clipboard.

Good New Year’s resolutions address the whole of your body, spirit, and mind. Mental health is just as important as physical health, so it’s important to take care of yourself. While practicing self-care and meditation can help, sometimes you just need a little help from the healthcare administration. Medicare plans can cover therapy and psychiatric services, though you’ll need Part D coverage for medication. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or another mental health condition by a professional healthcare administration, you may qualify for a Special Needs Plan. These plans offer services tailored to your condition, including medication and specialist services. If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or anything else, one of the best first steps is to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. You’ll thank yourself later

Some of the best New Year’s resolutions for people with disabilities and also senior citizens focus on incremental self-improvement. Think of it like a snowball: little changes over time lead to big results. If you want to learn more about how Medicare Advantage plans can help, give us a call at (800) 950-0608 or enter your zip code to begin your search.

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