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Medicare Insurance Comparison

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Who benefits from Medicare?

Just the essentials...

  • Medicare serves older and disabled Americans

  • Medicare is a comprehensive system of medical care and health insurance

  • Hospitals and medical care providers benefit from Medicare’s financial strength

  • Mediocre contributes to medical research and Medical Information Technology

  • Medicaid and the CHIP serve uninsured children and low-income residents

Who benefits from Medicare?

The Medicare program consists of Medicare, Medicaid, and the CHIP. It is a comprehensive system of health services and health insurance. The primary beneficiaries are older Americans. The benefits reach far out to touch many parts of the society.

Medicare is a vital part of the social safety net the ensures a high quality of life for all Americans. Comparison shopping is a powerful tool for selecting health insurance. The consumer can focus on the features that matter most for costs and value.

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Medicare Meets the Individual Mandate

Who benefits from Medicare? - Affordable Care Act

Medicare Part B does not meet the requirements for health insurance coverage in the Affordable Care Act. The major Medicare programs meet the standard and those covered will not have to pay the individual shared responsibility payment. The below-listed items as described meet the requirements for insurance coverage with qualified health insurance.

  • Original Medicare or Medicare Part A and Part B exceed the ACA requirements for qualified coverage.
  • Medicare Advantage plans are approved by CMS prior to sale. They are qualified health insurance with essential benefits, that exceed the minimum value.
  • Medicaid coverage meets the requirements if the mandate.
  • The CHIP for children and minors is qualified health coverage under Obamacare.

Medicare Benefits Older Americans

Who benefits from Medicare?

Medicare is a comprehensive system of health benefits for older Americans. The Congress passed Medicare as part of improvements to the social security system to make a stronger safety net for Americans as they aged and retired. Medicare health coverage has the four distinct parts.

Part A: Hospital Insurance is the major medical coverage of Medicare. This part focuses on inpatient care and hospitalization. Combined with Part B, it makes up the Original Medicare. Part A meets the requirements for health insurance in the Affordable Care Act.

Part B: Medical Insurance is the out-patient services part with medical care and treatment. This part of Medicare includes durable equipment needed for treatment of illness, disease other medical conditions.

Part C: Medicare Advantage is the private insurance part of Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are private insurance plans that meet or exceed the coverage of the Original Medicare. Congress created Medicare Advantage to add variety and a wider range of choices for older Americans when selecting health care.

Part D: Prescription Drugs is the Medicare prescription drug insurance program. Medicare approves the formularies and content of These private insurance policies. They provide valuable cost protection for older American that must sometimes expend large sums of money per year to maintain outpatient treatment regimen with powerful prescription drugs.

Medicare Benefits Disabled Americans

Disabled persons can get Medicare benefits before age 65. This is an important source of income for disabled citizens. Medicare automatically enrolls persons that have social security or railroad retirement board certification for disability.

After 24 months of payments from either Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board, Medicare enrolls the individual in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Medicare Benefits Healthy Older Americans

Who benefits from Medicare?

Medicare promotes wellness and prevention. Medicare incorporated the Obamacare programs for prevention at no extra costs or costs sharing for the beneficiaries. These include examinations, wellness counseling, screenings, vaccines, and tests.

Regular medical care is the path to sustained good health. One can better maintain symptom-free living with attention to diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle activities.

Medigap Insurance for Costs Savings

Medicare Supplement offers Original Medicare users a way to save on copays, cost sharing, and coinsurance. Medicare is a fixed-fee-for-services system in which consumers can choose any participating doctor or hospital for treatment.

The Medicare coverage often leaves a cost share for the consumer. In Medicare Part B many services divide the costs eighty-percent insurance to twenty-percent from the consumer. Medicare Supplement can pay some of the consumer shares, copays, and coinsurance fees.

Medicaid and CHIP

Who benefits from Medicare? - State Children's Health Insurance Policy (SCHIP)

Medicare works with state governments to benefit low-income individuals, families, and children. Medicare provides insurance coverage for children of low-income families called the Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP.

This coverage meets the Obamacare requirements for qualified health insurance coverage. Medicare also works with states to protect low-income individuals and families by providing medical services and health insurance coverage through Medicaid.

Uninsured Americans and Healthcare Costs

Uninsured Americans posed a stiff challenge for US healthcare. Millions of uninsured people without regular medical care. Preventable illnesses and detectable and treatable diseases were routinely turning into intense medical dramas with poor patient outcomes.

Hypertension became fatal strokes; pre-diabetes became multiple amputations, and so forth. The nation paid a steep price in money and human suffering for the lack of a universal health policy.

As a nation, we paid a frightful sum and got nothing that we preferred in return. The incredible rates of public costs increase set the stage for health care reform.

Obamacare Reduced the Numbers of Uninsured American

Who benefits from Medicare?

Obamacare made many fundamental changes to the US healthcare industry. Among the more fundamental changes were the universal mandate and the rule against rejection for pre-existing conditions. The major drivers of the growth and widespread occurrence of uninsurance among Americans were price and rejections.

Insurance companies were free to charge as they wished; the were free to reject applicants for any reason. They treated women differently, and childbirth worked against them both in price and acceptance for insurance. Obamacare also liberalized eligibility for Medicaid. Medicaid coverage meets the requirements of the ACA for qualified health insurance.

Medicaid Expansion and the Uninsured

In the national election of 2008, Americans chose to experiment boldly with national health insurance. The problem was too many uninsured Americans. Part of the solution was to expand Medicaid to include those who could not qualify for insurance under the new health care laws.

The Congress enacted Medicaid expansion to raise the limit for inclusion in the valuable federal -state program for low-income families. Many states adopted it to protect their vulnerable populations. Many more states, those with Republican controlled governments, opposed it and did not extend protections to their low-income families.

Families Benefit from Medicare

Who benefits from Medicare?

With wellness and prevention programs, Medicare helps keep older healthy persons in good health. It is far easier to maintain good health than to heal a sickness or to cure a disease.

Age and illness can take a toll on an individual and leave him or her unable to care for themselves. Medicare has resources that can help and reduce the burdens on families with older members in poor health.

Medicare Savings Accounts

Who benefits from Medicare?

MSA is a bank account into which Medicare deposits funds that participants can use to pay medical expenses. To participate, one must have Medicare Advantage. One must select a High Deductible Health Plan and agree to the terms for a Medicare Savings account.

The user will be responsible for any shortfall between the deposit and the out-of-pocket spending needed before reaching the out-of-pocket limit.

Medicare Works for Physically Limited Individuals

PACE is the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. PACE is an example of Medicare innovation that centers on the best outcome for the individual patient. PACE is a program that keeps an individual at home that might otherwise have to live in a nursing home.

PACE assembles a multidisciplinary team to provide a full range of services including day care, medical care, social services, food, and transportation to and from the PACE activity center. Pace demonstrates that positive outcomes can follow focused patient centered effort.

The Nation Benefits from Medicare

Who benefits from Medicare?

The nation benefits from Medicare. It has proven its value as the medical safety net for millions of Americans over three generations. Providing hospital care, medical services and a wide-range of health plans, Medicare covers nearly every need. The prescription benefits have made outpatient treatment more financially sustainable for millions of families.

Comparison shopping is an ideal way to find the best value in private health insurance plans.

Medicare offers Medicare Advantage health plans and private prescription drug plans. Comparison shopping can help the individual and family satisfy their medical needs and financial preferences.

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