About MedicareInsurance.com

About Us

Health Insurance Associates LLC was founded on the basic principle of helping our most accomplished and experienced members of society. By providing expert level assistance in navigating Medicare and Medicare related insurance products, our goal is to help protect our clients’ future, health, and financial well-being. The transition into the “Golden Years” can be confusing, frustrating, and filled with potential pitfalls. Our company was created to serve and safeguard the members of our most revered population: American Seniors. We are licensed insurance agents with a passion for helping you.

  • Hundreds of licensed insurance agents.

  • Founded in 2008.

  • Headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida.

  • All operations are based in the USA.

We specialize in Medicare

We are a full-service independent insurance agency with licensed Medicare agents who will help you compare your options from Humana, Centene, Aetna, Molina and many others to find the best policy to meet your needs.

Meet our team

Our team of experienced professionals know Medicare. We have a diverse, knowledgeable team that is honored to serve our clients and help them navigate through the complexities of Medicare.

  • Drew Brown

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Brent LeBlanc

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Mark Carter

    Regional Manager

  • Brian Phelps

    Sales Director

  • Barbara Clune

    Director of Human Resources

  • Benjamin S. Tewes


  • Richard Mayle

    Customer Care Manager

  • Rena Newby

    Customer Care Manager

  • Tara Ivey

    Customer Care Manager

  • Hannah Loranger

    Tier 1 Manager

  • Kaley Hicks

    Agency Services Supervisor

  • Ross Childs

    Tier 1 Supervisor

  • Briana Pearl

    Senior Tier 1 Representative

  • Allison Tanges

    Enterprise Senior Trainer

  • Lance Faulkner

    Project Manager

  • Dakota Mathewson

    Marketing Compliance

  • Jason Parsons

    Agent Manager

  • Ivan Mejias

    Agent Manager

  • Erin Mason

    Agent Manager

  • David Thomas

    Agent Manager

  • Chad Smith

    Agent Manager

  • Taylor Thomas

    Agent Manager

  • Elijah Gipson

    Agent Manager

  • Angelica Pullara

    Agent Manager

  • Dino Omar

    Agent Manager

  • Sean Lawson

    Agent Manager

  • Wade Abern

    Agent Manager

  • Cody Mason

    Agent Manager

  • Matthew Tewes

    Agent Manager

  • Cooper De Rose

    Agent Manager

  • Brandon Brown

    Office Administrator

  • John Naimoli

    Managing Partner

  • Mark MacFawn

    Managing Partner

  • Dino Christoforakis

    Managing Partner